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Witty tips on how to deal with problematic locks and keys. Ideas to avoid lockouts. Smart and easy steps.

Don't leave keys close to windows

Intruders have a way to break into homes and when you leave keys close to windows, you risk having them stolen. Keep them in a safe place where you can reach them fast if you need to rush outside but no one else can find them.

Change the locks and the doors

It's a pity to invest in expensive security door locks and install them in worn doors. The experts of our Locksmith in La Crescenta remind people that doors won't lock properly if they are damaged. Get solid steel doors and then proceed with deadbolt installation.

Make sure the latch enters the strike plate

The latch must find the hole at the strike plate in order to lock the door. This won't happen - compromising security - if the strike plate is loose and needs adjustment. Lock repair will be needed if the latch doesn't extend sufficiently. Also align the door.

Lubricate locks before winter

During the cold winter days, door locks become more stiff and dirty due to the dirt blowing from winds. If you want to avoid lockouts, our experts recommend lubricating the security locks as well. Of course, if the locks are damaged, they ought to be repaired or replaced. Good lubricants will prevent many key and lock problems.

Save emergency numbers on your phone

Emergencies always come without a warning. Keep our number on your phone for help by our experienced locksmiths 24/7.

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